Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)-Summary Revisions 2022

Ans. India is the largest democracy in the world. The right to vote and more importantly the exercise of franchise by the eligible citizens is at the heart of every democracy. We, the people, through this exercise of our right to vote have the ultimate power to shape the destiny of country by electing our representatives who run the Government and take decisions for the growth, development and benefit of all the citizens. 

Ans. All citizens of India who are 18 years of age as on 1st January of the year for which the electoral roll is prepared are entitled to be registered as a voter in the constituency where he or she ordinarily resides. Only persons who are of unsound mind and have been declared so by a competent court or disqualified due to ‘Corrupt Practices’ or offences relating to elections are not entitled to be registered in the electoral rolls.

To exercise your franchise, the first and foremost requirement is that your name should be in the electoral roll. Without your name registered in the relevant part for the area where you ordinarily reside in the Assembly Constituency, you will not be allowed to exercise your franchise. Therefore, it is necessary for you to find out whether your name has been registered or not.

Ans. An electoral roll is a list of eligible citizens who are entitled to cast their vote in an election. The electoral rolls are prepared Assembly Constituency wise. An electoral roll for any Assembly Constituency is subdivided into parts corresponding with the polling booths.  

Ans. To register you should apply in Form-6 with relevant documents before the concerned Electoral Registration Officer. 

Ans. Hard copies of the draft electoral roll are available at all:

1. Ward offices,

2. Voter Facilitation centers,

3. DC/ AC/ Tahsildar/ BBMP RO offices and with

4. The BLOs

Soft copy of the roll available at CEO website :

Ans. At the CEO website you can do the following:

1. Search your name in the roll using your EPIC Number and by your name and relation name.

2. You can also search the status of your application on the website by giving your Acknowledgement number.

3. GIS based maps for searching your Assembly Constituency.

4. Voter facilitation centers address and contact details for your assembly constituency.


Ans. In every Assembly segment, we have established a VFC to address the electoral issues of the citizens in the constituency. Voter Facilitation Centers are citizen friendly centers to facilitate citizens on electoral roll issues and EPIC cards 1) Electoral roll issues such as additions, deletions, modifications and transpositions. 2) Eligible electors will be issued EPIC. VFCs Will function exclusively on Saturdays and Sundays  during the Revision period. 



For inclusion of names on the voters list.


For deleting or objecting to the names from the list.


For making corrections to the particulars like name, relations name, address etc. of oneself on the list.


For transposition of entry from one part of the Roll to another part in the same constituency.

Form 6 A

For inclusion of names for an overseas elector on the voters list.

Ans. Yes you can submit your applications online, Please visit Please check the detailed help procedure on the website to help you use the online facility.


Ans. Yes,you have to send your EPIC number as a sms to 9243355223 to know the status of your enrollment in the electoral roll. Example: you have to send KAEPIC then space and your epic number “KAEPIC wzu1234567” to 9243355223 .

Ans. At your Ward offices, you will have copies of the electoral rolls and offline search facility. Ward offices will also be focal points to give and receive forms.Drop boxes will also be used to collect filled up forms from citizens. 

Ans. The role of Civil Societies/ RWAs/ Booth Level Volunteers is very important in management of electoral rolls. We are ready to partner with RWAs/ CSOs as our booth level volunteers for Electoral roll management. Interested RWAs can participate with the election machinery in keeping the rolls of their area accurate. 

Ans. No, a person cannot be enrolled as a voter in more than one place in the same constituency or in more than one constituency in view of the provisions contained under Sec. 17 and 18 of R. P. Act, 1950. 

Ans. In case the new residence is in the same constituency please fill Form 8A otherwise you will have to submit a Form 6 to the concerned Electoral registration officer (ERO) or the Assistant ERO of your area. 

Ans. To get enrolled in the voter list is your statutory right. If you are an ordinary resident in that area you are entitled to get yourself enrolled. Please check the electoral roll of your area at ERO /AERO/Ward office. If your name is not included please fill up Form 6 and deposit it with the ERO. 

Ans. You can submit the proof of date of birth through valid documents such as(Passport, Matric certificate, Date of Birth certificate etc.) 

Ans. The BLO/ Official must have handed over to you an acknowledgement for receipt of the form. You can check your name in the roll, which will be published and available at the office of the ERO concerned to confirm that your name exists in the roll. You can also check the status of the application with this acknowledgement number on the CEO's website.

Ans. Yes,subject to attaining 18 years of age and being ordinary resident, with the exception of the following class of people to whom voting rights are denied.

a) Criminal convicts of certain cases.

b) Persons convicted of electoral offence .

c) Persons of unsound mind.

Ans. The Election Commission of India has made voter identification mandatory at the time of poll. The electors have to identify themselves with either Electors Photo Identity Card (EPIC) issued by the Commission or any other documentary proof as prescribed by the Commission.  

Ans. You should note that mere possession of an EPIC issued to you does not guarantee you your vote, because it is mandatory that your name should appear in the electoral roll. 

Ans.Having a ration card is not mandatory; you can show any other proof of residence like passport, bank/Pass book, driving license etc. or any Govt. document to facilitate the work of registration.

Ans. You can get your EPIC Card rectified by depositing it in the Voter facilitation Center of your Constituency. 

Ans. You can attach a copy of the FIR lodged at the Police Station with a request for a duplicate card to your Voter Facilitation Center. You will get a new EPIC Card after paying the prescribed fee of Rs.25. 

Ans. Please check the status of your application at the relevant Voter Facilitation Center or contact the concerned AERO. 

Ans. Please contact the relevant Voter Facilitation Center or the AERO. You can also register your complaint with the ECI website or use the Telephone No.1950 for the purpose.