CEO's Desk


Shri. Manoj Kumar Meena IAS.,

Chief Electoral Officer, Karnataka

Chief Electoral Office, Karnataka is reaching out to the voters to provide better services in terms of Electoral Rolls, Providing Electoral Photo Identity Cards, creating electoral awareness and bringing in transparency in the system.

Karnataka CEO's new website link  is an attempt at fulfilling our duty and commitment to reach out to all stakeholders. It serves as an important link between the Electoral machinery & Citizens. It provides adequate and relevant information about the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer and the various activities conducted by the department. Firstly, we have tried to incorporate all statutory rules, orders, instructions, and manuals relating to conduct of elections. Secondly, the website gives information relating to the voter enrolment, issue of EPIC cards, and conduct of elections.

The Electors and Public in general are requested to visit the website and give their opinion/suggestions/feedback for further improvement and make the website more transparent and citizen-friendly.